Sports and Recreation

The Department of Sports and Recreation offers sports services to students through exciting University Sports Championships which take place during Semester One of each academic year. The games include Athletics, Badminton, Swimming, Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Chess, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Rugby and Netball. University students are also involved in various national and international sports competitions which include East African University Games; East, Central and Southern Africa University Games; All Africa University Games; and World University Games.


The University Hospital offers free medical services to all university students. It is located behind Ham Shopping Mall, opposite Makerere University Main Gate.


The university campus is generally very secure. However, you should not relax and overly trust strangers because some could be fraudsters. Please be vigilant as you relate with strangers around Campus and take care of your valuables at all times. You should also take extra caution especially while walking alone at night. In case of any danger, report to the University Police Station which is located near the Eastern Gate or inform the College Custodians in the Arts Building.

Library Services

The College has four libraries: Former Faculty of Arts Library (serving Schools of Languages, Literature and Communication, and Liberal and Performing Arts); Makerere Institute of Social Research Library; School of Psychology Library; and the School of Women and Gender Studies Library. They can be accessed from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 10:00pm. The Main University Library is located next to the Freedom Square.


To be recognized as a student of Makerere University, every student must register with the Academic Registrar’s Department.

How and Where to Register

First Year students register from the School Registrar in Arts Building, Room 2, after paying tuition.
Continuing students register online. Details on how to register online can be obtained from the web page for Makerere University Student I-Enabler. Please visit:



Orientation for First Year students is carried out in the first week of the semester in the Freedom Square. Its purpose is to introduce students to the University programmes and leadership. Attendance is mandatory to all Freshers. In addition, the College organises a joint orientation programme for all Freshers who are enrolled in all its Schools during orientation week. The briefing normally takes place in the Arts Quadrangle.