Department of Literature (DLIT)

The Department of literature is one of the oldest Departments in Makerere University and the East African region. Currently housed in and administered by the school of Languages, Literature and Communication, of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the department started its life in 1949 as an English Department of Makerere University College that was established in 1928. It boosts of a list of distinguished alumni such as Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Benjamin Mkapa, John Nagenda, and Peter Nazareth. Over the course of its life, it has morphed from an English Department that proudly taught Chaucer, Milton and Shakespeare to a Department of Literature in English that samples all literatures and genres in its curriculum. One of the significant moments is its long and illustrious existence was the introduction of Oral Literature as a genre in the 1970s by Ugandan scholar Pio Zirumu who coined the term orature that is widely used in literary studies. The latest innovation has been the introduction of Film Studies as an important theoretical and praxis genre of literary and cultural studies. At present it promotes the study of literary, cultural and film studies from the Global South, and it organizes regular symposia, colloquia, and conferences Its faculty and students engage in interdisciplinary scholarship that draws its intellectual inspiration from the Makerere University community motto of “Building for the Future." 


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Members of Staff

Prof. Dominica Dipio  

Prof. Abasi Kiyimba

Dr Susan N. Kiguli

Dr Danson Kahyana   

Dr Okello Ogwang

Dr Edgar Nabutanyi   

Dr Okot Benge     

Dr Eve Nabulya

Dr Evelyn Cindy Magara                                                                                                                

Mr Isaac Tibasiima Kiiza

Ms Jacqueline Adongo Masengo

Ms Julian Namiyingo

Ms Sophie Oyat Lakot

Mr Aloysius Kwitonda


Dr Edgar Fred Nabutanyi 2020 to present

Associate prof. Okot Benge 2016-2020

Dr Susan N. Kiguli 2012-2016


Mr. Aloysius Kwitonda 1998-2007

Prof Abasi Kiyimba 1995-1998

Dr Austin Ojet

Dr Charles Okumba

Prof. Arthur Gakwandi

Prof. Timothy Wangusa

Prof. Margaret McPherson

Prof. David Cook