English Language Studies (ELS)

English Language Studies (ELS)

English Language Studies (ELS) is one of the subjects offered in the Department of Linguistics, ELS and Communication Skills (DLEC) both at undergraduate and graduate level. The general objectives of this course are:

  • To cultivate a linguistic awareness of the English language through the application of linguistic theories and techniques, as well as through comparisons of English and the more familiar Ugandan languages.
  • To provide an opportunity for the study of English as a second language within a typical multilingual and multicultural setting of which Uganda is one example.

English is, without doubt, the number one language of the world. It is spoken, used and understood by billions all over the world. Indeed there are very few things one can do in the world today without knowledge of English. It is the language of academic scholarship, the language of international diplomacy and conferences, and it is also the official language of Uganda and number countries around. The mastery of English at university level offers one a broad range of employment opportunities - both nationally and internationally - difficult to be surpassed by many other subjects.

Due to the position of English, both globally and nationally, ELS remains one of the most popular subjects in the Institute of Languages. Graduates of the subject have readily been absorbed locally in such diverse fields as the civil service, the teaching profession, publishing and the mass media.

Core Teaching Staff:

Dr. Merit Kabugo

Dr. Levis Mugumya

Dr. Moses Lukwago

Dr. Florence Bayiga

Ms. Jane Alowo

Ms Sarah Nakijjoba

Mr. John Leonard Mulindwa

Mr. Jackson Ssekiryango

Mr. Justus Turamyomwe

Mr. Douglas Nkonge Kiyinikibi