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Eve Nabulya
Assistant Lecturer
About Me: 

Eve Nabulya is an assistant Lecturer at Makerere University, Uganda. Currently, she is undertaking her PhD studies at Stellenbosch University South Africa, sponsored by The National Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences in collaboration with CODESRIA. Her PhD research is on literary eco-activism and environmental persuasion in East African Literature. Pursuing research on the potential of literary texts to impact actual audiences, Nabulya has recently taken interest in the interface between the field of rhetoric and literature.  She has also done work in postcolonial studies, and her MA research is on English language appropriation as a means of speaking back to the colonial Centre, in Okot P’ Bitek’s poetry. Nabulya has presented several papers in the area of Ecocriticism and in 2012 she won the African Presidential Scholars’ Fellowship at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, to undertake research in the same area. Her other research interests include drama, and Shakespearian work. She has worked in partnership with The World Shakespeare Project to facilitate pedagogical communication on Shakespearian drama, between Students at Makerere University and those at Emory University USA.

What I do:

Officially, my work is to carry out research and to teach courses in the areas of literary theory, drama and African Literature. In practice, I share my research experiences with my students, cause them to fall in love with literature, and help them to perceive its relevance in their lives as individuals and as citizens of the planet.

Teaching experience:

After ten years of teaching English and Literature in high school, I joined Makerere University in 2009 as an Assistant Lecturer. This is where I am still serving.

Community work (links)

Volunteer translator for Open Education Materials with Open.Michigan Translation Project, 2012 to date


Basic contact info:

enabulya at arts.mak.ac.ug,

evenamala at gmail.com

Whatsapp: +27620848598

Mob    +256782401889