This course is survey of the present state and future applications of interactive communication technologies, cable and satellite delivery systems, worldwide computing network and other electronic media. It examines the impact of these technologies on society behaviour as well as their influences on communication. Topics include the way technology affects cognitive processing of messages, knowledge representations, visualization and the manner in which communication technologies are adapted and implemented for various purposes. Emphasis will be on development of skills in interactive multimedia design, application and evaluation.

The practical work will include how to e-mail and internet facilities in communication.

Course Objectives:      

The purpose of this course is to give the students a basic understanding of computers and describe the use of information technology in the modern world.  It will help the students feel comfortable using and talking about computers and other components of information technology. Students will learn how to use the software available on work places and network such as the Office 2000 Suite of productivity software, which includes Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook.  A large focus will be on e-business and e-commerce, and how these technologies are shaping today's businesses.